YourTurn - 12/24/07

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Kimberly Cornell from Dexter, Missouri:
"I'm sending this (regarding) teenage drivers getting by with speeding that kills others.  My 16 year old son, Cody Boone, was a passenger in a vehicle.  The driver was (speeding) between 84 and 89... (he) lost control, hit a son was thrown over 100 feet.  Another passenger also died...the boy driving got nothing out of careless and dangerous driving that caused the death of two boys.  What kind of example is this setting for other teenage drivers?"

Richard Strenge from Tamaroa, Illinois:
"Mike Smythe's ViewPoint segment is one of my favorite parts of the newscast.  I agree that ethanol is an important part of our future; however, I have become concerned about who is controlling our future.  The price of E85 goes up and down proportionately with the cost of regular gasoline.  I would do my part and convert my cars to use E85 but wonder if the expense would be worth the investment if we are still controlled by 'BIG OIL' companies."

Bob Breuer of Altenburg, Missouri:
"The electric companies are telling us it will cost $50-$100 million to get the lines back up (due to the recent ice storms).  The cost will be passed on to us with higher bills.  When will (they) finally bury power lines so we won't have this happen year after year?"

Sue Edwards from Dexter, Missouri:
"(KFVS12's photojournalist) Ron Wilson (see photo) was a great person.  I had the pleasure meeting him back in the 70's.  Since then I have met him at military events and he always remembered me.  Ron was quite a man and will be missed by a lot of people in the Heartland."

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