Marion Targeted for 400 New Jobs

Marion Targeted for 400 New Jobs
By: Carly O'Keefe

MARION, IL. - Are 400 new jobs on the horizon for the city of Marion?  Mayor Bob Butler says 'yes' but won't say who'll sign the paychecks.
Monday, the City of Marion annexed 150 acres of land just east of town and approved a plan for a massive product distribution center.  The proposed development would boost the area economy, increase the tax base substantially, and bring an estimated 400 jobs to town.
"There are a lot of benefits, a lot of pluses," said Butler.
Until it's a done deal, the company behind the massive development has asked that its name be kept under wraps, but suffice it to say it's the worst kept secret in town.  A phone number distributed to the media for information on the project directly rings Target Corporate Communications.
A spokeswoman for Target Corporation confirms the company is looking into various sites for their new distribution center, and Marion is among the sites being considered.
After approving plans and annexing 150 acres for the project, Mayor Butler is confident Marion is Target's top of spot.
"Barring some unforeseen circumstances of great magnitude, we believe this is going to be a 'go' project," said Butler.
The City of Marion will have to provide $2.2 million worth of infrastructure improvements to the site including water, sewers and streets, but Mayor Butler says he's more than willing to do that for a company planning to make an estimated $120 million investment in town.