Does it Work: Spanx Body Shaper

Does it Work: Spanx Body Shaper
By: Lauren Keith

Spanx is a product that could have you looking slimmer for all those upcoming Christmas and New Year's Eve parties.  Let's see if the Spanx lives up to its claim.
Ahhh....just what every girl wants this Christmas....bodyshaping three ways for the holidays.  Well, Oprah does!
In fact, I see this product, Spanx, continually popping up on the talk show diva's list of favorite things.  When I found a local store that sells it, I had to know: Does Spanx really trim you down dramatically? 
"It takes care of everything for like $30," says Ashley Vails.
Ashley recently bought a pair of Spanx at Glitz n Glamour and even agreed to try them on for us.
Glitz n Gamour owner Suzanne Dinkens assures me, once Ashley puts on the Spanx, these love-handles, we all have, will look dramatically different.
"Oh my gosh, yeah, I can tell a difference!" says Ashley.
I gotta admit, Ashley's before and after pictures are dramaticly different.
"I'd really recommend it," Ashley says.
Yeah...but how do they really feel?
"It's light.  You don't notice it," she says. 
But, I'm still skeptical.  You see, the problem with most control-top undergarments is how do you conveniently use the ladies room?  It can sometimes be quite a hassle.
"They're designed by women, so."
Without getting too graphic, let's just say you don't have to pull these up and down when you need to and that's a big plus.
So, I'm starting to see now why Oprah loves these tummy tuckers.  Not only are they disco-tested and dancing approved, they come in a varieity of sizes and styles from footless to shorts, in black pants and even maternity spanx?
"I have them on right now," says Suzanne.
Seven and a half month-pregnant Suzanne says this style is designed not to pull on the belly at all, so it doesn't hurt the baby.
"You can pull the sides in and the back.  It smoothes it out and gives you support under your belly."
I'll take her word for it.
In the meantime, the "higher power" style Ashley tried on sells for about $35.
Spanx doesn't take a whooping here.  Instead, it glides on through with an excellent grade 'A' on this Does it Work test. 
I bought Spanx at Glitz n Glamour in downtown Cape Girardeau.  You can also find them online.
Spanx come in a variety of sizes and styles and prices.