Christmas Card Takes 93 Years to Reach Destination

Christmas Card Takes 93 Years to Reach Destination
By: Heartland News
The mail must go through, but sometimes it takes a little while.
A belated Christmas greeting has been delivered nearly 93 years after it was mailed in Oberlin, Kansas.
The card was mailed from Alma, Nebraska to Oberlin on December 23, 1914.
But someone recently found the card at a post office somewhere in Illinois.
"I guess, evidently it slid behind something in 1914 and it had been there all this time," said Rob McFee, a postal employee.
The woman who was supposed to get the card passed away awhile back, so McFee delivered it to her sister-in-law Bernice Marting who still lives in Oberlin.
McFee says he's pretty confident this is a new record for the longest time it's ever taken to deliver a card.
By the way, postage in 1914 was one cent.