Paducah Police to Talk to Krajcir About Another Murder

Paducah Police to Talk to Krajcir About Another Murder
By: Heartland News

Paducah police want to talk to confessed serial killer Timothy Krajcir this week about an unsolved murder.

Police spokeswoman Robin Newberry confirms investigators plan to interview Krajcir soon in connection with the 1979 murder of Joyce Tharp.

Last week, Paducah authorities announced they were looking back into any unsolved murders that happened around the same time Krajcir admits killing women in Carbondale and Cape Girardeau.

If police detrmine Kracjir killed Joyce Tharp that could account for the nine women investigators say the 63-year-old Kracjir admits to killing since 1977.

Six of those victims include Mary Parsh and her daughter Brenda, Sheila Cole, Margie Call, Mildred Wallace all from Cape Girardeau and an SIU student Deborah Sheppard.

At this time, Kracjir's serving 40-years for Sheppard's murder.  He was recently moved from the Big Muddy Correctional Facility in Ina to the Tamms Supermax Prison.

Authorities are also linking Krajcir to the 1978 murder of Virginia Lee Witte of Marion, Illlinois and the 1979 murder of 51-year-old Myrtle Rupp in his home state of Pennsylvania.