Small Town Teams Up to Make Christmas Display

Small Town Teams Up to Make Christmas Display
By: Carly O'Keefe

GRAND TOWER, Ill. - Several families in Grand Tower have decided instead of decking out their own homes, they'd put their Christmas displays together to make their small town really shine.
"I've got 15 years worth of stuff and decorate every year, but we live four miles outside of town and nobody ever sees it," said decoration contributor Beverly Alms. "So we decided to bring everything we had and decorate here."
"Not only can folks drive through and enjoy the Christmas display, but passing barges on the Mississippi River are also able to enjoy the Christmas display.
"I hope it makes those guys on the boats--they're away from home--I hope it brings a little Christmas cheer to them," said decoration contributor Joyce Ellet.
Some folks were initially concerned about leaving their decorations in the park all season unattended, but Alms and her family offered to keep a close eye on them.  They're spending their holiday season in the park.
"I think this is going to be our new tradition, Christmas in the motor home," Alms joked.
Many hope "Christmas in the Park" becomes a new tradition for Grand Tower too.  Organizers have big plans for Christmas 2008 and have already had a few more families promise to add to the display next year.
"I'm hoping it gets so big we have to go around the bluffs and down Front Street in town!" said Ellet.
The display is located in the Devil's Backbone Park campground.  It's open to the public and free of charge.  You can donate to the "Christmas in the Park" fund through the First Southern Bank of Grand Tower to help make the display bigger and better next year.