Preparing for Winter Weather

Preparing for Winter Weather
By: Holly Brantley
Crews in southeast Missouri prepare for a blast of old man winter.
Street crews in Cape Girardeau were out spraying roadways early Friday morning.
Meanwhile, MoDot crews started working on interstates, bridges, and over passes Thursday.
"We'll work until it's done," said Keith Gentry with the Missouri Department of Transportation. Gentry says trying to predict the first round of winter weather is always interesting.  He says they try to be ready for anything.
"Sometimes you can draw a line from Benton Hills with the snow.  You never know if it's going to be ice or snow.  You have to be prepared," said Gentry.
Some local stores say they're running low on ice melt, due to storms in the Springfield and Tulsa area.
But, that's not the case at Elias Ace Hardware.  Owner Fred Elias says he stocked up early just in case the first blast of winter proves to be nasty.
"I bought it two months ago," said Elias.