YourTurn - 12/17/07

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Heartland viewer Nancy Rushing:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on hugging 11/11/07-Hugging) 'Have you hugged anyone lately?  We need four hugs a day for survival.  Eight hugs a day for maintenance and 12 hugs a day for growth,' says Virginia Satir, a family therapist.  Some people are not huggers. You don't have to hug the whole body, just a head hug or half-hug where the upper bodies touch only."
Ann Coleman from Herrin, Illinois:
(Heartland drivers) have forgotten than Illinois passed a law requiring the use of headlights, not just parking lights, when a vehicle's windshield wipers are in use.  (People) do not realize that (drivers) can't see far enough away if headlights and tail lights are not on."
Tammy Mayberry from Jonesboro, Illinois:
"I witnessed an Illinois (State) Police officer stop in the middle of the painted median between traffic.  The officer turned off his lights and sat and waited for people coming and going on the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge in order to ticket them...not only is this a traffic hazard but there is no speed limit posted from the state line until you get farther into East Cape.  Wouldn't you think they would have better things to do with their time, like serve and protect?  Maybe they could catch a drug dealer or real criminal."
Sherry Lambert from Sikeston:
"With all the politicians running for President, I would like to know how problems in this country are being taken care of in is not fair that the taxpayers pay for something (candidates) are not doing.

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