Gas Leaking for Weeks

Gas Leaking for Weeks
By: Arnold Wyrick

MURPHYSBORO, Ill. - Normally when a gas line is broken, or begins to leak, repair crews are quick to fix the problem.  But, that isn't the case with a gas main leak along 14th Street in Murphysboro.
It's been leaking for weeks.  In fact Ameren crews dug up a space alongside the roadway back on November 5th to allow the gas to seep out from underneath the road.
Murphysboro Mayor Ron Williams says the company hasn't given the city any timeline on when they're going to fix the problem.
"My understanding is that it is a main and it's going to be a major repair.  They're going to have to shut down the supply of gas to a number of homes," Mayor Williams said.
"The smell is an issue that needs to be resolved.  Obviously the leak should be resolved.  But it's becoming a safety issue too."
A spokesperson for Ameren, Jerome Themig, says they are monitoring the situation and trying to figure out exactly where the leak in the line is located.
"The process of pinpointing a leak avoids damaging excessive amounts of road surface when repairs are made.  This process may take several days," Themig said.
But, for the Whitacre's who recently opened up their chiropractic office, the leak is causing them and their patients some concern.
"Our office manager called the city a long time ago to let them know about the problem.  But, we haven't seen much happen except for them to come out one or two times and just check.  But we've definitely noticed our patients are complaining about the smell.  They're also concerned there could be a fire," said Doctor Bobbie Whitacre.
Ameren's spokesperson says they are planning on having a repair crew work on the gas leak in Murphysboro on Monday, if the weather permits them to work on the problem.