Krajcir Connected to Two More Local Murders

Krajcir Connected to Two More Local Murders
By: Kathy Sweeney

If Timothy Krajcir's telling the truth, he killed a total of eight women in the Heartland.  Krajcir's confessed to killing two more local women.

Their names or details of the crimes cannot be released just yet.
Krajcir tells local authorities his killing spree began in August of 1977 with the murders of Mary and Brenda Parsh in Cape Girardeau.
Three months later, he admits kidnapping and killing Southeast Missouri State University student Sheila Cole.
I've now learned Krajcir is connected to killing another local woman in 1978 in Marion, Illinois.  Investigators there say they're in the process of working on a case against him right now.
With the other new local case in 1979, the victim's name or where it happened cannot be released.
Investigators in Pennsylvania believe he traveled back to his home state in April of '79, and killed Myrtle Rupp.
Three years later, Krajcir left his mark again by killing Margie Call in January in Cape, Deborah Sheppard in April in Carbondale, and Mildred Wallace in June back in Cape.
Why the break between crimes?
Krajcir went to prison from September of '79 to June of '81.
Another bit of new information, Krajcir graduated from Southern Illinois University in December of 1981, with a bachelor's degree in Administration of Justice which means he was learning about crime solving as he committed some of the worst crimes this region has ever experienced.
In the meantime, Cape Girardeau authorities visited Krajcir in prison Wednesday to formally serve him with arrest warrant on the murders of Mary and Brenda Parsh, Sheila Cole, Margie Call, and Mildred Wallace.
Krajcir's bond is set at a staggering $10 million.
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