Sydney's Santa Program Delivers the Gift of Life

Sydney's Santa Program Delivers the Gift of Life
By: Lauren Keith
Wednesday on the Breakfast Show, you heard the amazing story of the local Sydney's Santa program.  Stacy Pikey of New Madrid and her son, Drew, told us how the program has grown since it started in 2003. 
Stacy's daughter, Sydney Beth, died in an accident in 2003.  To help the family cope and honor the memory of the young girl, Stacy, her husband, and many, many friends started the Sydney's Santa program. 
Sydney Beth was an organ donor.  Through that experience, Stacy and her family were touched greatly, and decided to help spread the message of organ donation.  Stacy began collecting donated toys.  She and numerous volunteers then placed the toys in gift bags.  Gift tags adorn each bag, showing Sydney's picture and asking the recipients to "Give the Gift of Life," if that time comes.  The weekend before Christmas, Stacy and all her volunteers deliver the goodies to families in need throughout Southeast Missouri.
Over the years, this program has really caught on.  Now, Stacy and her "Sydney's Santas" travel the whole Heartland delivering these toys.  Delivery Day for 2007 is December 22nd. 
If you'd like to help or donate money to the cause, you can click on this link to contact Stacy Pikey.  Donations help buy toys for the families in need.  You can also purchase a Sydney's Santa t-shirt through the link below.