Second Train Derailment Brings Sense of Deja-Vu

Second Train Derailment Brings Sense of Deja-Vu
By: Ryan Tate

EVANSVILLE, Ill. - Seven Union Pacific train cars derailed in Evansville, Illinois Monday night. 
The cars were filled with coal, and the sounds filled residents with an eery reminder of last week when 12 coal cars derailed just blocks from Monday's crash.
"[My husband] saw sparks, and wheels flying off, and told me to leave the house," Minnie Mudd said. The train derailed in Mudd's backyard.
"Deja vu.  It wasn't as bad as the last one, we didn't have the devastation we had on Pine St," Darren Kempfer said. Last week's derailment happened in Kempfer's back yard.
No one was injured in Monday's crash.
"Thank God it's coal and it was not hazardous.  We can deal with that," Mayor Red Becker said.
Becker says he contacted Union Pacific and also contacted politicians in Washington D.C., looking for help.
A Union Pacific representative told Mayor Becker that they plan to replace 7000 tracks across the country, and Evansville is on the list.