No-Ladder Light Hanging Kit: Does it Work?

No-Ladder Light Hanging Kit: Does it Work?
By: Lauren Keith

Haven't hung your Christmas lights yet?  Worried about climbing a ladder? No fear, the No-Ladder Light Hanging Kit promises to deck your halls in no-time.
"But it won't work with other clips you have," notes William Horman of Holiday Happenings.
Right away, decorator William Horman sees a possible downfall to the No-Ladder Light Hanging Kit.  William co-owns Holiday Happenings in Cape Girardeau.  His customers buy lights from him with special clips they'll keep attached year to year.  Each holiday season, William and his crew hang the lights for their customers.  So, could this tool speed up the decorating process? We'll see.
"This is what it works great for," notes William.
William likes the tree adaptor in this kit.  This way, he doesn't have to climb onto a ladder, and can actually move around much easier, from the ground, trimming a tall evergreen tree as he pleases.
"Shrubs like this, you can do completely from the ground," William says.
So far all is merry and bright with this tool.....that is, until we move onto decorating a local home.
"aughghggh!" mutters William.
Yup, frustration indeed.  It's quite a process to screw on the special clip and raise the 11-foot pole back up each time.  Once the clip is in place on the home,  you have to un-screw the pole to get it out of there...and you'd better be precise!
"Uh oh!" shouts William.
....our first try and we've already shattered a bulb!
"It's time consuming, but once you get familiar with it, it'll go faster.  However, you can't do much detail with this, like you can when you're right next to the bulbs standing on a ladder. With this, one bulb is pointing up, one bulb is down, and it's just helter-skelter which is not what my clients would like," says William.
William also has his doubts this clip...and this process...will actually allow lights to hang on shingles.
Yup...another decorating mishap.  Another strand of lights crashes to the ground when it falls off the pole.
"On a house, I will always climb and use a ladder," decides William.
I'd have to agree.  William also points out: this kit only comes with 50 clips, so you might run a little short if you have a large home.
"In a way, this kit is good for bushes and shrubs, but lights on a home, to me, it's not worth it," says William.
We would both use this tool to trim a tree, but not to deck to the halls.
The No-Ladder Light Hanging Kit hooks a below average C minus on this Does it Work test.  I bought it on clearance at Lowe's for about $12.