Cookies for Soldiers

Cookies for Soldiers
By: CJ Cassidy

JACKSON, Mo. - A Jackson woman wants to sweeten up the holidays for soldiers serving overseas.
Andrea Tripoli has spent hours slaving over the oven, baking more than 80 dozen batches of cookies for soldiers overseas.
"It is really touching, and they really do appreciate it," she said.
Making and wrapping up the sweet treats proved to be a bittersweet project for Andrea.
"It's difficult.  I signed up to help people.  I wanted to be a combat medic and do the most good," she said.
But a hip injury during basic training stopped Andrea from joining the rest of her unit overseas, so she came up with a plan to send them some Christmas cheer instead.
"A lot of my friends are coming back in February and March, and as soon as they get back, another group is deploying for a year," she said tearfully.
Andrea's not alone in her mission.  Diane Herzog recruited her for the 1140th National Guard Unit in Cape Girardeau.
"It's something they'll actually get to open.  It's warm, and people we talked to wanted to help and give whatever they could," Herzog said.
Herzog helped get the word out, and since then people and local businesses have donated cookie dough, pretzels, packaging and boxes, as well as dozens of cards that bring tears to Andrea's eyes.
"This says 'Merry Christmas, and Thank You for serving our country.'  It's from a boy in the 3rd grade.  Inside it says "I hope you're safe'," she read out aloud.
Andrea and Diane also share those feelings, and hope those sweet thoughts come across to soldiers with every bite of their tasty treats.
If you'd like to get involved, Andrea and Diane still plan on sending more cookies.
Contact her through her email: to find out what you can do.