Cemetery Vandalism Could Prove Costly

Cemetery Vandalism Could Prove Costly
By: Ryan Tate
MARBLE HILL, Mo. - Close to 20 headstones at the Marble Hill Cemetary lay face down after someone, or a group of people, pushed them over.
Marble Hill Cemetary Corporation President Don Crader says this is the first time he can remember vandalism like this occurring at the cemetary.  Some of the headstones pushed over date back to the turn of the century.
"I can't understand why anyone would do this.  There is no reason, no purpose," Crader said.
Louise Hahn has grandparents, aunts, and cousins buried at the cemetary.  As a little girl, her grandmother made her pick flowers and place them at the gravesites of the people buried in the cemetary.  Hahn says it was out of respect for the dead.
"It makes me sad.  People don't have respect for the concerns of others," Hahn said.
Crader said the Cemetary Corporation does not have the money to fix all of the headstones.  He hopes a civic organization or volunteers will lend their time, or money to help repair the headstones.
If you would like to donate money, Crader said a fund is set up at the U.S. Bank in Marble Hill. Checks can be made out to:
U.S.Bank, 107 High St.
Marble Hill, MO, 63764.