Krajcir Sentenced to 40 Years for Cold Case Murder

Timothy Krajcir
Timothy Krajcir

Krajcir Sentenced to 40 Years for Murder
By: Heartland News

JACKSON COUNTY, Ill. - A southern Illinois inmate gets 40 more years in the cold case murder of a Southern Illinois University student.
Timothy Krajcir, 63, faced murder charges in the strangulation death of  23-year-old Deborah Sheppard back in 1982.
Krajcir confessed to murdering Sheppard in August.  Authorities found Sheppard's naked body on the floor of her Carbondale apartment in 1982.
DNA evidence discovered on a purple shirt at the crime scene cracked the case.

Krajcir remained emotionless as the court was told of Krajcir's confession.  He waived his right to a jury trial and pleaded guilty to murder.

"One the surface, he's a very easy going, gentle guy, but of course he was a dark side as we're seeing," said Lt. Paul Eckols with the Carbondale Police Department. "When I asked him if he had remorse, he basically answered, 'I'm sorry for what happened, but you have to understand I'm not like you.  If I was like you then it wouldn't have happened.'  So he's regarded himself as twisted."
He was sentenced to 40 years in prison which was the maximum sentence for murder in 1982 when the murder happened.
Krajcir's already serving 25 years to a life sentence in the Big Muddy Correctional Center in Ina.