Katherine Moshiri Sends Letter Thanking Law Enforcement

Katherine Moshiri Sends Letter Thanking Law Enforcement
By: Holly Brantley

Hear from Katherine Moshiri, the wife at the center of December 3rd's murder-suicide in Jackson.

Police say Katherine's husband, Mir Shahin Moshiri went on a shooting rampage Monday night, and then turned the gun on himself.

He was pronounced dead at the scene along with their four-year-old daughter, Madison. Sixteen-year-old Michael Jeffers died from his wounds Tuesday night.

Moshiri wrote a letter to the Jackson Police Department, who faxed it to Heartland News Friday night on Moshiri's behalf.

Katherine Moshiri wants to say thank you and set the record straight.

She says the judicial system in Cape Girardeau County and Jackson Police officers deserve nothing but praise.  According to the letter, she has no doubt they did everything in their power.  She says the outcome had nothing to do with any negligence on their part.

Katherine writes, "Words can not convey the gratefulness in my heart for the gentleman/woman who stopped to pick me up and drove me to the sheriff's department. Without you, I probably would not be here today."

She goes on to say, "I am so thankful for all of your prayers and I know everyone means well coming to my defense.  However, only I know what happened that day, and the police and everyone mentioned above did as well as they could."

Moshiri also thanks the ambulance and EMT's who airlifted her two-year-old daughter, Meghan to St. Louis.  According to a friend of the family, Moshiri is in St. Louis at a hospital with her daughter.

Read her entire letter here.

Katherine Moshiri is out the hospital, just days after police say her husband went on a murderous rampage Monday night.

When it was over, Mir Shahin Moshiri was found dead in the home, from a suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound.
His four-year-old daughter, Madison, also died from gunshot wounds.
His stepson, 16-year-old Michael Jeffers died from his wounds the next day.
Now, people in Jackson want the Moshiri family to know they are thinking of them.  You can donate at Country Mart in Jackson and the BP gas station.
Friends of the family are working on getting canisters in as many businesses as possible.
According to friends, Moshiri's only source of income was her eBay business.  The family had no insurance.
The ROCK International Ministries is also stepping in.  Pastor Thomas White plans to hold a benefit service Saturday December 15th at 3 p.m.
Pastor White says he challenges other ministries to help.
"Members of the community are trying to understand what happened," said White. "I think it helps them and the family to know that a ministry is there."
According to friends of the family, Katherine Moshiri is in St. Louis at the bedside of two-year-old daughter, Meghan.  Meghan is listed in critical condition.

Click here for donation information.