New Details Emerge in the Jackson Murder Suicide

Katherine Moshiri
Katherine Moshiri
Michael Jeffers
Michael Jeffers

New Details Emerge in the Jackson Murder Suicide
By: CJ Cassidy

JACKSON, Mo. - Jackson High School observed a moment of silence in honor of 16-year-old Michael Jeffers.
The eleventh grader died Monday night of gun shot wounds.
Police found his stepdad Mir Shahin Moshiri dead in his home Monday evening.
They say Moshiri also shot and killed his four-year-old daughter before killing himself.
Moshiri's wife and two-year-old daughter remain in the hospital.
Katherine Moshiri went to the Common Pleas Courthouse to get an Ex Parte Order of Protection filed against her husband, saying he threatened to take her kids and kill her.
The woman who helped Mrs. Moshiri fill out that paperwork, less than an hour before the shootings, says she can't believe it ended that way.
Shelby McBride helped Katherine Moshiri fill out the paperwork to get an order of protection against her husband, Mir Shahin Moshiri, the afternoon of the shootings.
In court documents, Moshiri claims her husband, a native of Iran, prevented her leaving the house on Sunday, and also had several weapons in the home.
"The main thing she told me was 'I want to make sure he doesn't take my children to Iran' but in talking she did allude to me if she did take the children, he would kill her," McBride said.
That raised enough red flags for the judge, who granted the order of protection.  But, Cape Girardeau County Prosecutor Morley Swingle says when someone has a death wish, that order is nothing more than a piece of paper.
"The victim in this case did not report an assault to the police.  Police will investigate 100 out of 100 cases reported to them.  If a person has been a victim of domestic violence, you should report it to the police," Swingle said.
He explains had that happened, police could have arrested Moshiri for unlawful imprisonment and making violent threats.
As it was, Shelby McBride faxed the order over to the Cape County Sheriff's Office, just minutes before Katherine Moshiri appeared in the lobby, bleeding from gunshot wounds, crying for help.
"There was nothing anybody could have done about it," Lt. David James said.
Investigators point out they can only make an arrest if someone violates an order of protection.  And they agree with Shelby McBride, you should always have a a back up plan, and stay away from the danger zone.
"Everyone has that question. 'Why did she go back to the house in spite of that?  I don't know why she went back," she said sadly.
Police say they still haven't talked to Mrs. Moshiri in depth.
She's still in the hospital and they want to give her some time to recover.
On a side note, court officials say people file anywhere from 15 to 20 orders of protection on a given day and a majority never make it through the court process.
Click here to view the ex parte order filed by Katherine Moshiri the day of the shooting.

A donation fund has been set up for Katherine Moshiri at the US Bank in Jackson.