Benefits of Sewer Cam Technology

Radio Detection is an international group of companies specializing in the design and development of products for the location and maintenance of underground buried pipes and cables.  We are committed to both design innovation and customer support. From the location and tracing of metallic and plastic pipelines to cameras that can locate trouble areas, these products are available to meet the needs of Gas and Water Pipeline field personnel and technicians world wide.

Plumbers who use this technology are able to use video inspection in order to locate system for sewers and ducts. These units are operator controlled systems, that are specifically designed to VIEW, VIDEO-RECORD and PINPOINT underground obstacles, blockages, damage etc. in underground utility/service pipes.  It also can show the location of a camera head while inspecting a sewer. Video taping of TV inspection in color or black and white, is also available.

Using this technology, plumbers can easily find trouble spots, without having to go to the trouble of digging trenches.  Radiodetection's Inspection Products address the sewer and drain industries inspection and blockage location needs. A variety of products provide comprehensive and flexible  options. The new line of Radiodetection Inspection products provide many innovative features in addition to the instruments already proven ease of use and reliability.