$2 Million Mistake

$2 Million Mistake
By: Heartland News

A Utah man could be rolling in the dough, if he would've taken advantage of a $2 million dollar mistake.
Jerry Mika was expecting a $15 tax refund check from the state of Utah, but somebody made a mistake and printed the inovice number as the dollar amount. The state issued him a check for more than $2 million instead.
Jerry admits he was tempted to deposit the check and let it draw interest before the state asked for the money back.
He ended up returning it, even though, some men wearing badgets apparently thought he was crazy for not keeping it.
"I did try to return it, though, to the county office building and when I walked in, it was funny, because as I walked in, the two sheriffs said could I help you? I said, yes, I'd like to return this check and they took a look at it and asked me how come I hadn't cashed it yet," Mika said.