Third Victim Dies After Jackson Shooting

Katherine Moshiri
Katherine Moshiri
Michael Jeffers
Michael Jeffers

Third Victim Dies After Jackson Shooting
By: Heartland News

JACKSON, Mo. - Another shooting victim died Tuesday from wounds sustained in the Monday night shooting in Jackson.

Michael Jeffers, 16, died Tuesday after being shot by his stepfather, Mir Shahin Moshiri Monday.

Jackson police are still piecing together what lead up to Monday night's murder-suicide inside a family home.

It was a chaotic scene on 333. W. Mary Street shortly after five o'clock Monday evening, following a mother's horrifying cry for help.

Shot in the head and bleeding, 35-year-old Katherine Moshiri still managed to drag herself to the Cape Girardeau County Sheriff's Department.  Police say she was worried her husband would hurt her children.

"She had multiple gunshot wounds.  She's very seriously injured," said Lieutenant Rodney Barnes with the Jackson Police Department.

Officers rushed to her home and found a horrific scene.

"Located Mr. Moshiri upstairs in the living room.  He was deceased from gunshot wound to the head.  The four-year-old female was in the master bedroom also deceased from a gunshot wound to the head," Barnes said.

Authorities say the two girls, ages two and four, were his own children and the 16-year-old teen was his stepson.

Officers call it the kind of crime they can't quite believe would happen in this quiet jackson neighborhood.

"We have to do our investigation, but we also have to make sure that our personnel are taken care of.  They're victims too, to witness such a brutal, senseless act," Barnes said.

Madison Moshiri, 4, died after she was shot in the head.
Mir Shahin Moshiri, 36, is dead.  Moshiri is the suspected shooter.
Katherine Moshiri, 35, received three gunshot wounds in the head and one in the shoulder.
Meghan Moshiri, 2, received a gunshot wound in the head and was taken to Cardinal Glennon Hospital in St. Louis.  She is in critical condidtion.
Michael Jeffers, 16, was found wounded in the basement of the home and died a day later.
Police believe Moshiri shot them all with a .38 calibre handgun before turning the gun on himself.
They don't know exactly why it happened, but they do know the shooter's wife, Katherine Moshiri, filed for an order of protection against her husband just hours before the shooting.
Investigators say they'll get all the details when they speak with Mrs. Moshiri.  In the meantime, they're still shocked by what they found inside the Moshiri home.
Investigators say they found the gun they believe was used in the shootings.  As for the couple, police say they've never caused any trouble before and believe they both worked as eBay traders.
Police say they don't know why Mrs. Moshiri filed for an order of protection Monday, but an order of protection is designed to try and protect the person who files it from a violent situation.
Investigators do know Mrs. Moshiri had been out of the house for most of the day along with the children, but she came back at some point and brought them with her before the shootings happened.

Neighbors say they are completely shocked and saddened by the news.