Holiday Decorating Dangers

Holiday Decorating Dangers
By: Wes Wallace

If you haven't put up your holiday decorations yet this season, you might want to remember some important tips.  We're not talking about tacky taste in lights or ornaments, but instead your safety.
"When they get real steep like this house, it can get a little difficult," said Ricky Werner of Holiday Happenings.  Werner stands in front of a two story home with several levels and roof layers to cover.
As his workers string lights and clip them around the edges.  They do so with caution and good reason.  According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 14,000 people get hurt each year decorating for the holidays.
Make sure your ladder is on solid and level ground and you have someone to help hold you still. Watch out for power lines and trees.
Remember you want to be able to enjoy your house lights.