Turbo Cooker

How'd you like to cook a full meal, all in one skillet without any frying?  The Turbo Cooker claims to save time on your stove top. It's a big skillet that comes with a removable rack and spring pan, and has vented lid.

Pamala and Rick Griffith tested it with a simple hamburger and noodle recipe. Creamed soup and milk are the only liquids involved. And it's supposed to be finished in 10 minutes -- not including the time it takes to brown your hamburger.  They follow the recipi closely, opening and closing the valve on the lid.

While we wait, Rick explains how the $60 skillet is supposed to work. "With the fluid in there, it's boiling, and it continually goes up the sides and rolls down and penetrates the food, as steam convection rolls in the unit."

When it's time for a taste, Amy quickly notices the noodles are cooked, but they're chewier than normal.  "It tastes like a microwave frozen dinner," she says.

"I'm not impressed," added Pamala. "It's kind of rubbery. Like microwave food."   And Rick simply scrunches his nose and shrugs his shoulders, showing what he thinks!

"I don't think you would agree it tastes like my normal cooking," says Pamala to Rick. "No!" Rick agrees. "I'm used to good, home-fashioned Southeast Missouri cooking, and that's something for California probably! Ha!" )

But we want to test one of the desserts in the Turbo Cooker. Our choice -- chocolate cola cupcakes. "You add a diet coke to it, to give it a marbling in the cherries," describes Rick. "Oh, that's really good! That, and popcorn it really does good! It's an expensive popcorn machine!"

The cupcakes sit on the rack, and steam for ten minutes. It's strange to pull the lid off a skillet, and see cake inside. But the cake is moist and tasety.  So the Turbo Cooker is better at desserts than pasta. However, it will cook frozen food quickly, from the freezer to the stove-top. And it does help cut-back on the dirty dishes.

"But I wouldn't buy another one, like for a friend or something," summarizes Rick.  "No, I'd pick something else."

Pamala agrees." It's not worth $60!"

And we agree, too.  It does cook food in a short amount of time -- though much of it could be done in a normal, covered skillet. And we're not too impressed with the taste. However, because taste is subjective, we're generous with our grading, and give the Turbo Cooker a C+.