Search Continues for Missing Pinckneyville Pilot

Search Continues for Missing Pinckneyville Pilot
By: Carly O'Keefe

FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ill. - The search continues for a missing southern Illinois pilot and his plane last seen on Thursday afternoon.
Local emergency management agencies have teamed up with the Civil Air Patrol and the Army Corps of Engineers at Rend Lake to locate 58-year-old Dan Bradac of Pinckneyville.  As of Saturday evening, they had been unable to find him.
"We don't know where to concentrate the search on.  We can get information from the family about tendencies of the pilot, and we can start in those areas.  But we have to expand out, because we don't know his path," said Group 19 Commander Lt. Col. Paul Hertel of the Civil Air Patrol.
According to Bradac's wife Susan Bradac, the missing pilot had been working to repair the engine of his single-engine RAND KR2 airplane.  He would periodically take the plane for a quick test flight around the airport, but didn't trust the engine enough to venture further.  On that information, search teams are focusing on an area within a few miles radius of the airport.
"We're told he had limited fuel on board enough to make a few circles around the airport and come back, as time goes by we'll expand our search," Hertel said.
According to Susan Bradac, her husband was a U.S. Army pilot who completed two tours in Vietnam, and he is a survivor.  She has faith Bradac will be found alive.