Mizzou Fans Bound for San Antonio

Mizzou Fans Bound for San Antonio
By: Holly Brantley

In case you haven't heard, the University of Missouri Tigers are San Antonio bound!  They'll be taking on the Oklahoma Sooner's Big 12 Championship!
Ben Gray went to law school at Mizzou.  He easily found tickets at ticketmaster.com.
"I could've gotten second row on the Oklahoma side," said Ben. "I take that as a good sign because the Mizzou side was almost sold out."
We also found plenty of seats available at sites like stubhub.com and ticketmaster.
Fans like Ben found getting to the Alamo dome was the tough part.
"Eventually I found roundtrip airline tickets out of Nashville for $250," said Ben.
That's a steal according to travel agents like Susan Berghoff of First Class Travel in Cape Girardeau.
"You could easily leave the country cheaper than you could go to San Antonio," said Berghoff. "There's trips available to Mexico on the beach and you get your meals for free!"
Hotel rooms are almost gone, and flights are also nearly booked.  In fact, it could cost you as much as $1500 to fly.
It's much cheaper to tackle the 881 miles by car.  It'll cost you around $250 to drive to Texas and back, but you'll be driving 14 hours.
That's why fans like Ben say it's good to not wait until the last minute.
"I'm as excited as I've been in a while!" said Ben.