YourTurn - 12/3/07

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Heartland viewer James Holder:
"(Mike Smythe) is right on target about the health care issue (11/18/07-Healthcare Costs).  Just about every developed country in the world has a national health care system but us.  We will never have a system until the public stands up and demands it. (Canada's) system is paid for by a tax on alcohol, tobacco, and gasoline...we have the same taxes but get none of the medical benefits...our government is practically owned by big business and the corporations that fight nationalized medicine all the way to the bank."
Jean Barham from Portageville, Missouri:
"The Heritage Foundation figures (show) 20 million Americans who are uninsured but have incomes high enough to purchase their own insurance...a superficial look would lead that (this is) right.  These households may be entitled to insurance but at a price they can't afford.  I don't know anyone making $75,000 who could afford to pay $2,500 a month in premiums.  Sound like a lot?  (It isn't) for people insurance companies don't want to insure...and they don't want to insure people who aren't in perfect health."
Viewer Adam Kerr:
"(Regarding Mike Smythe's ViewPoint on United States life expectancy) I wouldn't jump to any correlation between Europeans living longer due to socialized health many cases Canadians and Europeans who suffer from serious and threatening illnesses find themselves coming to the U.S. to get treatment before dying on their native countries' waiting wary of perpetuating statistics without at least allowing the opportunity for others to examine their accuracy and source or doing so yourself."

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