Trees for Troops

Trees for Troops
By: Lauren Keith

JACKSON, Mo. - If you head to Horse Shoe Pines in Jackson, you'll find about 16,000 different evergreens.
This year, part of the Meier family sales go toward a program called "Trees for Troops."
Trees from the Jackson farm are on their way to families of military troops based in Fort Leonardwood, Missouri.
Fed-Ex will also ship some trees to American troops serving overseas.
Meantime, the Meiers say everyone buying "live" trees this year should always practice safety.
Never put a fresh tree near a heater or fireplace.
Check the Christmas lights and make sure there are no frayed wires.
And the Meiers say you cannot over-water your tree.
In fact, you should check the bucket everyday to keep that pine growing strong all holiday season long.