International Adoption Policies Change

International Adoption Policies Change
By: Wes Wallace

Most couples wait nine months to bring home a newborn baby.  For those trying to adopt, the wait is even longer.  Beginning next year the time could grow even more, due to an international agreement to restrict child trafficking.
"It was scary.  We did a lot of praying and talking to our family and friends," recalled Therese Jones.
Therese and her husband Jared saw my report two years ago on international adoptions and decided that was the way to expand their family.
"We filled out all sorts of forms, had an in home visit, and went through a lot of background checks," said Therese.
In January of this year, the Jones' traveled to Guatemala to see Grace, the four-month-old girl they were going to adopt.
"It was great, but it was sad," said Jared, "We finally got to hold her, but had to give her back after a few days."
Later this year, the Jones' heard about the crackdown on international adoptions by the Guatemalan president.  Luckily, they got Grace on her first birthday in September.  In the meantime, other couples still in the process are in limbo.