Horse and Owner Reunited

Horse and Owner Reunited
By: Holly Brantley

SCOTT COUNTY, Mo. - Jeannie Campbell says she can't describe how good it feels to put her arms around Trigger again.
"I'm so happy to have my baby back," said Jeannie.
The 13-year-old was reunited with the horse she received as a birthday present a day after he was stolen for the second time.
Most recently, police believe someone stole Trigger from his pasture in Scott County sometime early Monday morning.  After seeing his picture on Heartland News at 10, a viewer spotted him in Union County and called the Sheriff's Department.
Authorities soon discovered the horse was Trigger.
"I had tears in my eyes!" said Diane Campbell of the moment she heard Trigger was found. "The lady told me she wouldn't have know it was him if she hadn't seen it on the news."
"I'm just so happy somebody saw it and called," said Jeannie.
Diane Campbell says she got the news at 2 a.m. and went over to Union County as soon as she could.  She says when she first saw Trigger he was covered in mud, but appeared to be OK.
"Her brother cleaned him up for her as a surprise and he looks good," said Diane.
Diane says Jeannie is on the A honor roll, a cheerleader and into a little bit of everything.  She says her daughter works hard for all the things she has, and she's so excited to see her riding Trigger again.
"To see that baby smile!" said Diane. "That horse is a handful and that little thing rides him!"
Jeannie says she and Trigger share a special bond.  Now the family is looking forward to watching the pair compete in barrel racing competitions.
Police issued an arrest warrant for James Allen Smith of Tamms Illinois.  That warrant was issued in connection with the first time the horse was stolen.  Smith may be questioned for the second theft.  Police say they are looking for Smith and another suspect.
Teen's Stolen Horse Found
By: Heartland News
Updated: Nov 27, 2007 07:23 PM CST
A Scott County family's stolen horse is back home.
Monday night on Heartland News at 10, we showed you a horse and told you the emotional story of the teen owner losing her pet.
Someone in Union County in southern Illinois recognized the horse from our story and called the Union County Sheriff's Department.
In the course of a few hours deputies were able to positively identify the horse and reunite it with its owner.
She has since taken custody of her horse which was in good condition.
The Union County sheriff says they do have a couple of suspects they are looking for but would not go into more detail.
Charges may also come from Scott County if any arrests are made.
Look for more on this good ending to this story tonight on Heartland News at 5 and 6.

Teen's Horse Stolen
By: Holly Brantley
First Posted 9:16 p.m. 11/26

For the second time in three weeks, a southeast Missouri family anxiously searches for a 13-year-old's birthday present.
Authorities in Scott County tell Heartland News they are on the look out for a horse called Trigger.
Police believe someone stole the horse sometime overnight from the Campbell family's home near Kelly High School.
Trigger was a present for Jeannie Campbell's 13th birthday.
"I will find him if it is humanly possible," Diane Campbell told her daughter as she broke the news.
Jeannie was barely home from cheerleading practice when she heard.
"He means everything to me," said Jeannie. "He used to meet me at the fence and nicker at me." Jeannie says they immediately bonded.
"I can't imagine what kind of monster would do that to a 13-year-old girl," said Diane Campbell.
Diane says she discovered trigger missing when she went out to feed the horses around 8 a.m. Monday.  Trigger was one of eight horses owned by the family.  Diane says a sheriff's deputy came out to have a look at the scene.
"He did some searching and found where they had cut through our fence and took Trigger through a farm field that adjoins the back side of my property," said Diane.
Trigger's official name is "Unlatch the Cash." He's an American Quarter Horse. The Campbell's say he's good natured and very fast.
"I barrel race," said Jeannie. "I was going to race him because I finally had a horse that could do it."
"He could run with the big boys," said Diane. "I paid $2000 cash for him.  But, there's no price I could say he's worth because she loves him so much."
Diane Campbell is offering a reward for information.  Trigger is a Golden Palomino.  He has a white blaze down his face and a white band on his left back hoof.  Trigger limps on his right back leg.
"He could be anywhere," said Diane.