Cape Schools Increase School Day

Cape Schools Increase School Day
By: Wes Wallace

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Most students don't want to spend more time at school, but that's exactly what will happen next year at Cape Central High School.
"We're going from seven education periods to eight," said Dr. Mike Cowan, Principal of Cape Central. "I'm not sure the students are excited by the extra class.  Then again, some of the teachers might not be excited either.  I'm not sure."
The school day will grow by 30 minutes.  When the new building opened several years ago, Dr. Cowan says the schedule shortened by a half hour.  Now things are balanced out.  The additional time will come from within the existing class schedule.
"I think it will be good, because I can take extra classes.  AP (Advanced Placement) or just other electives I want to help prepare me for college, " said Haneen Wani. 
The Cape Central Junior admits some of her classmates might not be thrilled with the changes.  Those changes will take place beginning in the 08-09 school year.