Pet Supply Donations Flood Animal Shelter After Fire

Pet Supply Donations Flood Animal Shelter After Fire
By: Carly O'Keefe

BENTON, Ill. - While Franklin County Animal Control employees and the animals they care for are worn out after a fire destroyed the county shelter, an outpouring of support has given them hope.
"We can't look back at the past.  I can't go back and save those little fella's.  They're gone.  That's just the way life is I guess, but there's a lot more out there that I can save.  That's my goal," said Franklin County Animal Control administrator Jarrett Broy.
Since the fire claimed the lives of more than 50 cats and dogs, folks from near and far have donated dog food, kitty litter, blankets and money.
"They've called from Paducah, up by Chicago, down in Cape Girardeau.  I even talked to someone in Utah today.  It's really overwhelming how the people have responded," said Broy.
The shelter is still in need of numerous donations of food, animal cages, medicines and various pet care items.  The building itself was somewhat under-insured for the inner contents of the shelter that were destroyed in the fire.  Broy said they need a lot of donations to replenish supplies and move forward.
Local folks, businesses and banks have pledged donations to help rebuild or help the shelter get back on its feet.  During the Thanksgiving holiday and in following days, deputies will accept both monetary and pet supply donations on behalf of the Franklin County Animal Shelter at the Franklin County Sheriff's Department in Benton, Illinois.
Animal control officers also ask residents of Franklin County to be patient in asking to pick up strays as it may take some time to get the shelter up and running again.