Missing Hunter Found

Missing Hunter Found
By: Ryan Tate
GREENVILLE, Mo. - Wick Crites calls Greenville home.  Tuesday night and Wednesday morning, a large group of people in Greenville made sure Greenville remains his home.
Crites went missing after hunting Tuesday morning.  Law enforcement, firefighters, and more than four dozen volunteers searched for Crites in the woods outside of Greenville. They found him at 6:30 Wednesday morning.
"I was hungry, and thirsty, but otherwise I am fine.  I was happy to see someone," 78-year old Crites said.
Crites went missing after hunting with his friend, 78-year-old Ralph Zahner.  Zahner stayed at the base of a hill, while Crites went on top of a hill to hunt.  Crites got lost, and could not find his way back.
Zahner says he honked the horn of his truck to get Crites' attention, but Crites could not hear it.  In turn, Crites fired his gun in the air, but Zahner did not hear it.
Crews began searching around 6:00 p.m. Tuesday.
"He is a friend.  He is well liked.  We were just trying to help out," said volunteer searcher James Carmack.
"Maybe I'll just sell my gun and forget about hunting.  Old Ralph will have to hunt by himself," Crites said.