YourTurn - 11/26/07

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Cindy Chubboy from Cape Girardeau:
"All the toy recalls are very disturbing.  Why are we still buying and importing toys from China?  It's quite obvious they are not abiding by the regulations.  As a parent and grandmother I will be looking for toys made in the United States."
Linda Gurley from Herrin, Illinois:
"...the recent change in our children's schools when it comes to their diet is great (but) why have we made provisions for them to eat better and have fewer snacks but have cut down on the physical the goal just to make these kids sit in a classroom behind a desk all day?  The new diet will not do much good..."
Amanda Long from Dexter, Missouri:
"I listen to Mike Smythe and enjoy his ViewPoint even when I don't agree.  (He) really nailed the one on hugging (11/11/07-Hugging).  What are the schools trying to do, force kids to be alone so they can have physical contact?  I have a fifteen year old daughter who hugs the world...what are we trying to do with our kids?  With instant messaging and texting we are taking out all human contact.  What does that mean for the future?"
Travis Raithel from Bertrand, Missouri:
"Mike Smythe was exactly right (on the Westboro Church verdict) (11/4/07-Westboro Church Verdict).   If Iraq aimed planes at their church, they would learn to love and appreciate what our friends and soldiers are trying to do...take their freedom and they will think twice."

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