Web Extra: Heartland Trivia

Web Extra: Heartland Trivia
By: Wes Wallace

Dr. Frank Nickell, Director of the Regional History Museum at Southeast Missouri State University is an outstanding resource when it comes learning about the past.  He provided all of the facts and information about the following Heartland Trivia.

Mississippi River
You know about the Mighty Mississippi, but our region is shaped by the force of moving water.  It's a relatively slow river at 304 feet above sea level, moving six inches a mile.  The river used to run west of Crowley's Ridge.

Home to Hardwood
The place you call home also is home to the largest hard wood area in North America.  A great concentration of those types of trees are in southeast Missouri.  It's also known as the center of hickory handle manufacturing.

Tri-State Tornado
The Weather Channel called it the seventh worst storm to ever hit North America.  The F-5 tornado lasted about three and a half hours, and made for the longest tornado in American history, 219 miles long and one mile wide.  The event on March 18, 1925 left over 700 people dead.

Academic Hall
The most recognized feature on the campus of Southeast Missouri State University also contains history of its own.  When built, it was the largest public building in the state, even larger than the state capitol.  It was a major statement of education in the state and midwest. 

Ball Mill Resurgence
A unique geographic occurrence in Perry County, Missouri.  According to the Missouri Department of Conservation, this geological natural area contains a sinkhole that normally acts as a water drain, but backs up as a spring after heavy rains.  The resurgence acts as a natural rock tumbler which smooths and rounds angular rock fragments that fall into it.  The area is forested and also contains several small, dry sinkholes.