School Superintendent Resigns After Misconduct Allegations

Ron Driemeier
Ron Driemeier

School Superintendent Resigns After Misconduct Allegations
By: Carly O'Keefe & Heartland News

GALATIA, Ill. - The Galatia Community Unit School District superintendent resigned Thursday after a school board investigation revealed allegations of misconduct.
Ron Driemeier's resignation followed months of investigation and charges of misconduct.

The Galatia board of education previously called a hearing to consider several charges of misconduct against Driemeier.  However, Driemeier worked out a separation agreement with the board of education prior to the hearing.

According to a Galatia Board of Education press release, Driemeier faced eight charges of alleged misconduct: "(1) Failure to register the required certification entitling him to act as superintendent for the school district, (2) Failure to complete a criminal background check as required by law and submit that to the board of education, (3) Violation of school district computer policy, (4) Improper conduct towards two employees on a district business trip to Springfield, (5) Sexual harassment of school district employees, (6) Blatant disrespect for and repeated violations of certain legal requirements imposed by statute or regulation, (7) Made comments that were demeaning and degrading to the female gender, and (8) Misuse of his position as superintendent of schools to create a hostile and intimidating working environment."

Among those eight charges of misconduct, possibly the most alarming to parents is that the former superintendent never submitted a criminal background check.

"That should have been turned in before he worked in the school system.  Anybody who's going to work with kids should have that background check up front," said Anna Foster, a mother of six children who attend Galatia schools.

"He was asked when he was originally hired and a few times after that, and it never seemed to get finished," said Galatia School Board member Samantha Parish.  "Just the fact that he wouldn't do what the board asked raised red flags.  That is a state law; you have to do that to remain employed by the district."

The Galatia Board of Education accepted Driemeier's resignation in its regular meeting Wednesday.  According to board members the search for a new superintendent will begin immediately.

The school board released this statement: "This Board is committed to finding an individual of high quality to run the Galatia Schools now and in the future.  The Board of Education is up to meeting this task.  It's time to close the book on Driemeier's employment with this District and focus our energies and attention to meeting the needs of our students."