Police Chief Involved in Assault Investigation

Police Chief Involved in Assault Investigation
By: Ryan Tate
CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. - Caruthersville Police Chief Chris Riggs was civilian Chris Riggs, when he got into a fight with a truck driver Tuesday Night in Pemiscot County.  Riggs calls it self-defense.
The incident began when Riggs turned from Highway D onto Highway U, heading to his parent's house for a birthday party.
When he looked into his mirror, he saw a tractor trailer coming up behind him, and the driver of the truck began flashing his brights.  Riggs pulled off the side of the road, near his parent's house.
The truck driver, 48-year-old Donnie Lee Porter of Columbus, Ohio, got out of his rig.  Riggs got out of his truck, and investigators say the two exchanged words.  That is when Riggs says Porter hit him in the jaw with his fist.
Investigators say Riggs identified himself as a police officer, and went back to his truck to call for help.  Riggs' brother watched the incident unfold from his parent's porch, and came to help his brother.  The three then began fighting.
Law enforcement and medical crews arrived a short time later.  Porter was treated for his injuries, then transported to the Pemiscot County Detention Center on 3rd Degree Assault Charges.  He began to feel dizzy during processing, so crews transported him to a local hospital, then onto the Elvis Presley Trauma Center in Memphis, Tennessee, where he's in good condition.
Pemiscot County Sheriff Tommy Greenwell considers this a case of road rage, and says Chris Riggs does not have a history of violence on the job.  Riggs worked for Greenwell at the Pemiscot County Sheriff's Department for 10 years.  No charges have been filed yet in this case.