Live Triple Doppler - 2002 Edition

Live Triple Doppler
2002 Edition

KFVS12 has shown over the years the accuracy of LIVE StormTeam Radar . Now, KFVS12 and the Heartland StormTeam are excited to announce that we’re tripling the accuracy of LIVE StormTeam Radar by adding Triple Doppler! The Heartland StormTeam will now have the ability to look at three LIVE radars at once.

Triple Doppler will work much like our current LIVE StormTeam Radar . At any given time, you’ll see one, two, or all three radars working with each other LIVE. Triple Doppler will also allow us to zoom in and give you a closer look at individual storms as they approach towns.

The location of the radar sites is the most exciting part of Triple Doppler. Radar is at its best when the storms are located closer to the radar. By adding two additional radar sites, it brings the radar closer to you! Of course, we’ll keep LIVE StormTeam Radar located on top of the 13-story KFVS12 building in downtown Cape Girardeau. This allows for excellent coverage of the Heartland.

The second radar is located in Jonesboro, Arkansas. This will allow for extra coverage over Doniphan, Van Buren, Poplar Bluff, Dexter, and the Missouri Bootheel. Storms approaching from the west and southwest will be easily picked up from this location!
The third radar is located in Evansville, Indiana. This will allow for extra coverage over Mt. Vernon, McLeansboro, Harrisburg, Eldorado, and Golconda in Southern Illinois and Smithland and Benton in Western Kentucky. With this radar site, storms moving through Southern Illinois and Western Kentucky will be heading right into the sight of the radar!
The Heartland StormTeam is excited to bring you this new technology that is exclusive to KFVS12. Triple Doppler will help the StormTeam better protect you and your family from threatening severe weather. Watch for it starting this spring!