Does It Work Just for Men: The Cough Silencer

Does It Work Just for Men: The Cough Silencer
By: Lauren Keith
Today's Does it Work test Just for Men features a hunting product a Heartland News viewer told me about: the Cough Silencer.  It's supposed to muffle your cough, so a cough will never again ruin your hunt.
"Any kind of noise can ruin a hunt.  When you're in the woods, you want to make sure no one can see, smell or hear you," says AJ Hendershott with the Missouri Conservation Department.
AJ is a huge deer hunter---he just took a week's worth of vacation, all to hunt, hoping to bring in the big one.  We'll see if the Cough Silencer belongs in his gear.
"Make a tight seal with your lips around the mouthpiece," reads AJ.
Those directions are the first red flag.  It's going to be pretty hard to teach yourself to cough with your lips closed!  Still, AJ gives it a try.
He coughs into to the Silencer and we're all shocked.  It didn't silence anything, but AJ keeps practicing and even tries a small cough.  Then, to be fair, my photographer and I move about 15 yards away; that's normal shooting distance, especially for bow hunters.
AJ coughs again....and we hear it plain and clear.  We have him cough a few times without the Silencer just to see if the Silencer makes things any quieter.  And, at this distance, everything sounds the same.  If we were deer, we'd be running away right now.
Still, we decide to double our distance from AJ and move to about 100 feet away.  That's about where you'd shoot a rifle from.
AJ coughs with the Silencer and we can still hear him from that far away!  This Silencer doesn't work at all.  Then, AJ uses his coat to muffle his cough, and that works much better!
Here's possibly why.  We open up the Cough Silencer and are very surprised to find cotton balls inside!  This gadget is very simple.  I realize the cotton balls are used so the instrument can be cleaned after each use, and you simply put new cotton balls back in, but we were expecting a better baffler than that!  We're sounding off about the Cough Silencer.
"I'm going to give it an 'F'.  I would not buy this.  I would much rather use my coat," says AJ.
Besides that, he says the Silencer would only get in the way of his grunt call and gun, bumping them and making even more noise.
There's no doubt the $20 Cough Silencer fails this "Does it Work test Just for Men" getting a super-sized 'F'.  
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