Teen Shooter Sentenced; Victim Speaks Out

Jeremy Voshage
Jeremy Voshage
Jonathan McClard
Jonathan McClard
McClard in surveillance video
McClard in surveillance video

Teen Shooter Sentenced; Victim Speaks Out
By: CJ Cassidy

JACKSON, Mo. - Thirty years, that's how long 16-year-old Jonathan McClard must now spend in prison.
McClard pleaded guilty to shooting 17-year-old Jeremy Voshage back in July.
It happened at a car wash in Jackson.  He showed up along with family members on both sides.
It actually got pretty intense and emotional in court.  The shooter, Jonathan McClard, said he was sorry for what he did out at Shawnee Square Car Wash, and that he deserved any sentence the judge handed out.
I also spoke exclusively with the victim, Jeremy Voshage.
"I feel like I can do more everyday, no more wheelchair," said 18-year-old Jeremy Voshage.  He still has problems walking, but with a crutch and leg brace he said he gets around fine.
"I still have two bullets in me.  I still have a lot of pain everyday without my medication, hurts bad," he said.
Voshage said he doesn't remember a lot after the shooting but he does remember what happened leading up to it.
"I was planning on fighting him.  He brought a gun.  I guess he was scared of me or something, he brought a gun," he said.
Surveillance pictures show Jonathan McClard waiting for Voshage at the car wash.  Prosecutors say he hid a .22 rifle inside the guitar case he's seen carrying over his shoulder.
When asked at what point he realized McClard had a gun, Voshage said, "I went around the corner.  He pointed it at me... I got shot. He just shot me."
The shooting stemmed from a love triangle.  Voshage says McClard used to date the girl he was dating back in July.
"I thought man that kid messed up his life just for something stupid.  He's put his family through a lot," he said.
Now, Jeremy says he feels justice has been served, so he wants to focus on getting better, and spending time with the people he loves.
"Hopefully I will get a job, get a car.  These are plans I'm looking forward to."
Jeremy's mother says there were no winners in court, and her heart goes out to McClard's family.
Prosecutor Morley Swingle says he wanted to send a message that if you hunt a human being, you pay for it by spending life in prison.
But McClard's attorney says the sentence was a lot longer than he had hoped for.
McClard will not be eligible for parole for another 27 and a half years.
He turns 17 in January.