Reports Says FEMA Trailers Cause Health Threat

Reports Says FEMA Trailers Cause Health Threat
By: Heartland News

More than two years after hurricanes Katrina and Rita hit the gulf coast, a new report shows the FEMA trailers used to help victims are causing a serious health threat themselves.
Tests show some pretty serious formaldehyde contamination. 
The newly released tests show that out of 600 trailers tested, 95 percent of the temporary housing units have at least twice the CDC's maximum recomended level for long-term formaldehyde exposure.
In some extreme cases the levels were 70 times higher than the standard.
Formaldahyde is a toxic gas that can cause serious health issues.
Hundreds are suing trailer manufacturers, accusing the companies of jeopardizing their health by providing FEMA with poorly constructed campers.
These tests were performed on trailers given by FEMA specifically to hurricane victims.
Local storm victims like those in Caruthersville have used similar trailers.
Some local police departments are also using them.  This study did not specifically test those trailers.
However, FEMA officials are warning their workers to stay out of thousands of other stored trailers because of the threat.