Does it Work Just for Men: The Perfect Pushup

Does It Work Just for Men: The Perfect Pushup
By: Lauren Keith

When you see the commercial for the Perfect Pushup, it really does make regular push-ups seem...well, pointless!
Why wouldn't you want to do pushup with the Perfect Pushup gadget, especially if you can sculpt more muscle?  Let's ask personal trainer Shawn Taylor his expert opinion.  He's seen this advertised and is a bit skeptical.
"I thought it was a gimmick.  There are so many things out there in the fitness world that don't hold up, but we'll see," says Taylor.
Now let's see what he thinks once he tries the Perfect Pushup.
"It's nice and smooth," he says.
Basically, the Perfect Pushup is a set of handles you place on the floor.  You twist your arms as you come down during the pushup.  It comes with a workout guide complete with diagrams showing you different ways to use the Perfect Pushup and build different muscle groups.  Shawn really likes that.
"You can go straight from the chest and into the shoulders," says Shawn.
It's all in that twisting motion.  Plus, Shawn points out: someone with carpal tunnel would really like this product.  The Perfect Pushup takes the strain out of your wrists that you sometimes feel when doing normal, military style pushups.
How do I know?  I tried it, too!  I do like this product.  It makes workouts more challenging.  Shawn says it truly does isolate that muscle in ways you can't get from regular pushups alone.
"This is definitely a step above regular pushups because of the twisting motion, but for the beginner, pushups are good, but this is better," says Shawn.
All right Shawn, every lady wants to know: can this make our men look like that?
"Exclusively no!" he laughs.
Yeah, back to that whole diet and cardio thing.  Still, Shawn says the Perfect Pushup is a great tool in any fitness regimen.  He knocks it down a bit though for its $50 total price tag, but says he still strongly now endorses the Perfect Pushup.
"It engages so many muscle groups as opposed to a regular pushup.  It truly is the perfect pushup," says Shawn.
No sweat, Perfect Pushup, you flex an excellent grade 'A' on this Does it Work test just for men.

I bought it online at the original Perfect Pushup Web site.