Veterans Honored at Freedom Corner

Veterans Honored at Freedom Corner
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - The heavy rain couldn't keep one group of people in Cape Girardeau from showing up to salute veterans past and present at Freedom Corner Sunday morning.
Vietnam veteran John Reed says a show of support once a year isn't enough.
"I think we could use appreciation throughout the year," he said.
Reed says he wasn't surprised a report by the National Alliance to End Homelessness shows veterans make up more than 25 percent of homeless people across the country.
He also hasn't forgotten the reception he got when he came home after fighting in Vietnam.
"I feel we had low support when I came home.  There was a lot of anti-sentiment for Vietnam when I was there.  Just sort of a down time," he remembered.
Still, Reed says he's glad the same isn't true for veterans of the war in Iraq.
"We sort of paved the way for the Iraq veterans.  They deserve all the support they can get.  We're in a conflict over there, so we need to support them 100 percent until they come home," Reed said.
Jackson native Scott Miget agrees.
"I know the public is behind the troops.  They may not be behind the war essentially, but they're backing the troops the best they can," he said.
Miget also says he won't forget the sacrifice soldiers of other wars made.  A sacrifice John Reed hopes you remember too, the next time you come across a veteran who needs your help.