Airline Cancels Flights from Local Airport

Airline Cancels Flights from Local Airport
By: Carly O'Keefe

WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Ill. - The bright lights of Vegas seem farther away than ever for folks in southern Illinois.  That's because an airline that recently announced it would offer non-stop service from Marion to Las Vegas announced it's decided not to do so after all.
Allegiant Air announced plans to offer flights to Las Vegas in late October and less than three weeks later, opted to cancel those plans, blaming rising fuel costs.
"They got everybody's hopes up that they could fly from Marion to Las Vegas, then they changed their minds.  They had to know fuel prices were going up, and I don't understand why they did that," said Kim Clark who'd hoped to catch a flight from Marion to Las Vegas in February.
There was definite excitement of having Vegas within reach...some travelers had already bought tickets for flights scheduled to begin in February... others planned to...
"We'd have used it, absolutely.  We're sorry we lost it," said Jim Hayes of Carbondale. "Whether or not we would have had the population to support it, they should have at least given it a chance."