Does it Work for Men: The Infinity Razor

Does it Work for Men: The Infinity Razor
By: Lauren Keith

Every day from Nov. 12-16th, I'm featuring different products for men in a special Does it Work series.  First, let's test the new Infinty Razor.
It makes quite a claim: you'll never need to buy another razor again because this razor blade has a special edge that never needs replacing.  If it does, the company promises to send you a new one...for life. Both KFVS photojournalist Doug Hexamer and I are skeptical.
At first glance, it looks and feels like any ole' disposable razor, except this one costs $30 bucks by the time you pay the $10 shipping.
"I'm looking and thinking this won't be the one for me, but I'll give it a fair shot," says Doug.
In fact, Doug normally sports facial hair at work because he says he doesn't enjoy shaving.  He has sensitive skin and very thick hair.
"This will make me sound wimpy, but I always look for razors that have an aloe strip because my skin is so sensitive," he laughs.
Sorry, Doug, no aloe strip on the Infinity.  And Doug...this could be the last razor you'll ever buy!  At least that's what the package reads!
"Why is that?  Will it slit my throat?" he nervously laughs.
Let's hope not!  All right, Doug makes the first stroke using the Infinity.  No problems, but he notices a difference.
"It wasn't hurting, but it pulled and it acted like it would hurt soon," he says.
He shaves one half of his face with the Infinity.  It's working, but he notices he has to use it in all different directions just to make the cut.  Meantime, his normal, preferred Gillette glides right over his face and chin---no problems.
"This one feels a lot better than the Infinity," he says.
Before he assigns a letter grade---there's one more kicker to this test.  The commercial shows the shaving model using the Infinity on a piece of sandpaper!  It gets roughed up, then the model shaves his face with no problems.  Well, we'll test that exactly, too!
"I'm nervous to do this!" says Doug.
He glides it over his face, and...
"It's back to pulling.  It's not doing anything," he says.
We really didn't expect it, too, either.  So, as long as you're not planning on shaving sandpaper, the Infinity Razor might work for you, but Doug isn't overly impressed.
"I wouldn't spend $20 on this.  It's a grade C.  It does shave, but I wouldn't go C plus," he says.
As for that lifetime guarantee, I called the company and learned you'll have to pay shipping costs each time you request a new razor.  That alone makes this razor seem even less appealing.  Both Doug and I knock it down a letter grade.  It cuts a "D" for "dull" on this Does it Work test Just for Men!  Click here to visit the Infinity Razor Web site.
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