Does It Work: Just for Men Preview

Does It Work: Just for Men Preview
By: Lauren Keith
What's special about these tests?  Every day I'm featuring something for men...hence the title, "Does it Work: Just for Men."
While I know guys will like this, I hope the ladies get something out of it too.  They may find some of these products on their Christmas shopping list.  Here's a preview of what to look for next week.
Monday: Infinity Razor
--- The Infinity Razor promises its blades will never dull.
Tuesday: The Perfect Pushup
--- Is this another fitness gadget or does it really sculpt muscle like it promises...paving the way for a Perfect Pushup?
Wednesday: Two Golf Gadgets
--- I test the Gotcha Ready Warmup System and a Grip to help you put better.
Thursday: the Cough Silencer
--- Don't let a cough spoil the hunt.  This gadget is supposed to muffle coughing.  Any sound while hunting can really be a big deal.
Friday:  4 products all computer tech-related
The SteriPen, USB Key, USB turntable and the Magnogrip.