Scammers Target Elderly, Unemployed

Scammers Target Elderly, Unemployed
By: Ryan Tate
UNION COUNTY, Ill. - Union County State's Attorney Allen James says there is an increase in the number of people targeted by lottery and sweepstakes scams in his county, specifically among the elderly.
"They grew up more trustworthy, and most are not as familiar with today's technology," James said.
Another group targeted are people out of work, or at least portraying being out of work. Larry Laurentius owns a restaurant in Jonesboro, but put his resume online earlier this year just to see what might be out there.
He was contacted by people in England who sent him envelopes with checks in them. Laurentius sent two envelopes back and opened three of them Thursday for Heartland News. Inside, Laurentius found checks ranging from $2000-$7500.
"People in the Heartland need to know that scammers don't care if you come from a small town or who you are," Laurentius said.
In all, Laurentius received five envelopes, four phone calls, and numerous emails.  He did not fall for the scam.