YourTurn - 11/12/07

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Tammie Ward from Holcomb, Missouri:
"KFVS12 recently had a poll on a smoking ban.  I voted NO!  So should everyone people not realize the tax revenue that smokers produce?  Do the lawmakers and officials want to pay these taxes?  I don't think so!"
Brian Hines from Murphysboro, Illinois:
"I am a smoker and try very hard to respect the feelings of nonsmokers but I don't feel the same consideration is being given to smokers...Why should smokers have to pay these taxes yet we are not allowed to enjoy the freedom to smoke when we eat out or have a drink?  Next we will be told we can no longer smoke in our homes because a nonsmoker may come to visit."
Cathy Shepard from Jackson, Missouri:
"I am an ex-smoker and have the beginning stages of emphysema so I quit ten years ago.  I live in a neighborhood where they burn leaves constantly and my lungs hurt when I inhale the smoke.  I like to air my home out and save on the air conditioning but am forced to close my windows.  Why can't they bag the leaves or mow over them?  We have enough pollution in our air."
Lori Waller from Piedmont, Missouri:
"What is up with all the road work on Highway 67?  I know our tax dollars need to be used on the roads but why improve perfectly good highways when our town roads need it more...I'm tired of having to drive around the holes on Main Street.  Something needs to be done to make our roads safer."

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