Surfing for Sickness

Surfing for Sickness
By: Wes Wallace

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - The Internet can be a great resource, but surfing too much just might make you sick...worried sick.
"Sometimes patients come to me thinking they have a really serious disease, because some of these Web sites are general and can give you a variety of diagnoses," said Dr. Anthony Keele.

Keele goes on to say that some health Web sites like Web MD and can be useful resources for information purposes only.

Charlene Johnson says she surfs the Web to learn about her prescriptions and other medical conditions affecting her family and friends.
"Most anytime I have a diagnosis I'm not sure of I look for more information on the Internet and then ask my doctor about it," Johnson said.
Dr. Keele also says there's a lot of misinformation and fancy, flashy Web sites that look authentic, but are usually just a plug for a product or company.  He says you need to ask your doctor first if you have any questions.