Local Police Chief Resigns

Mayor Waymon Butler
Mayor Waymon Butler
Harold Richardson
Harold Richardson

Local Police Chief Resigns
By: CJ Cassidy

MOUNDS, Ill. - A southern Illinois mayor makes a big change by getting rid of his town's top cop.
Mounds Mayor Waymon Butler says he wants to improve his community and he's not afraid to ruffle some feathers if he has to.
Butler would not go into details about Chief Harold Richardson's resignation, but most folks in Mounds say they're thrilled he's gone.
As Richardson cleaned out his desk, he said he's leaving for personal reasons, but Mayor Butler says he asked for Richardson's resignation to try and improve Mounds.
When asked if other department heads should be worried, Butler said, " I don't know. I  just make changes when I need to make changes."
Most folks in town actually clapped and cheered when they heard the news of Richardson's dismissal.
"I wasn't surprised.  There have been things said around town about the police chief and I think the mayor has made a very good decision," one man said.
To learn more about Harold Richardson's history, Heartland News met with his former boss, Ullin Police Chief Lloyd Bosecker.
Bosecker said he also dismissed Richardson almost two years ago.
"An officer in this department got inside a Mounds police car, and Richardson had copies of our tickets in there where he's supposed to turn them in with no money," Bosecker said.
Bosecker also said he turned his evidence over to the Illinois State Police, and that he hopes the folks in Mounds end up with an honest leader.
"Because you wear a badge don't make you honest.  You've got to be honest before you wear the badge," he said.
Chief Bosecker said Richardson paid back the $600 in ticket money he allegedly took.  The Pulaski County State's Attorney said he will send the report of the investigation on to the Illinois Attorney General's office.     
As for the Mayor of Mounds, he plans on appointing a new police chief next week.