Vandals Strike Over the Weekend

Vandals Strike Over the Weekend
By: CJ Cassidy

CAPE GIRARDEAU, Mo. - Park crews in Cape Girardeau spent much of the day painting over graffiti scribbled on walls and sidewalks across the city.
The vandals also hit several businesses.
The Parks Department spends more than $5,000 a year, fixing the damage vandals leave behind, and that is money coming out of our pockets.
People who saw the graffiti are disgusted. They say if you've got something to say, say it, don't spray it.
"The trail is so beautiful.  It's the only safe place to ride and walk without worrying about traffic, and then you've got profanity, satan worship, everything you don't want your 8-year-old to see," said John Godsey. 
Godsey bikes on the Cape LaCroix Recreational Trail everyday.  So the graffiti vandals spray painted on walls and sidewalks bothers him, and would bother you, too, if we showed you some of the really bad words.
"Why would somebody do that?  What's the point?  Are you advertising your stupidity?" he asked.
No one knows what the crudely painted words like "Ninja" mean, but business owners say they don't really care.
"I don't know what the cost will be to repaint it.  It will be several hundreds of dollars I'm sure," business owner Lana Durham said.
As Cape city crews covered up the mess along the trail with thick layers of paint, they said vandals strike often.
John Godsey said it's like they are taunting authorities.
"It's painted on the wall.  You'll never catch me, keep painting over it.  It's ridiculous," Godsey said. 
But police say just you wait.
"We've had breaks before where we've had film of people going into Wal-Mart, buying spray paint and we've been able to identify them.  If it's kids, they'll talk about it or brag about it, and it will get back to us," said Cpl. Jason Selzer with the Cape Girardeau Police Department.
"It's time to stop.  This city's too beautiful, and there's too many nice things we pay for to put up with this," Godsey said.
So, how might you help?
Police say if you have surveillance video that shows anyone doing damage, or recently sold cans of spray paint to anyone you thought suspicious, please call and let them know.